For many years Congress and the IRS have been shifting the heavy burden of making our

nation’s tax system work onto the shoulders of tax practitioners. Retroactive tax laws,

deteriorating IRS service, and undue IRS demands during tax filing seasons now increasingly

define the world where tax practitioners work. Members of our hard working profession are

frustrated and have been asking for help for years. NSA has listened and has taken the

initiative to develop a Tax Practitioners’ Bill of Rights as a first step towards reversing this

trend. (See


To give Congress and the IRS a sense of how serious the current situation is and to express

support for the Tax Practitioners’ Bill of Rights, NSA has launched an electronic petition

available online where tax practitioners and taxpayers can add their names in support as well

as offer additional comments. The more people who sign the petition, the more weight it will

carry when NSA presses for changes with Congress and the IRS. That is why I am asking for

your help now. Please join me in spreading the word and signing the petition. The petition is

available at Please share this petition with your

fellow members, colleagues, and any taxpayers you know who might agree with the Tax

Practitioners’ Bill of Rights.

Thank you for your support!

Very truly yours,

Marilyn M. Niwao

Marilyn M. Niwao, J.D., CPA, ATA, CGMA

NSA President